Where’s My Droid – Free Android App

Where’s My Droid Free Android App

If you have ever left your phone somewhere and lost it, of course the first thing that comes to mind is call it right?  What if you didn’t switch it back to ringer after you left the Movie Theater or work?  That nifty little trick won’t work there.  That’s where Where’s My Android comes in.  Even if the phone is set to silent, your preselected settings on the app can force the ringer to turn on, lock the menu and ring until you find it. 

This neat little feature is all activated by sending your phone a text with your secret word.  You can make it a phrase or any word you want and the app will recognize it once it comes in and then activate the ringer.  This app also has a neat little anti theft feature.  If your phone is stolen then most likely the thief knows to shut off the GPS. 

Where’s My Droid can turn on your GPS and lock out the phone with one text message.  It’s a fairly amazing little app.  Don’t let your friends find out what your secret code is though because they might prank you with a few text messages once in awhile that contains your code word.

This app should pretty much be on every Android phone out there.  The app can be a real life saver, especially with the GPS tracking initiator.  If you have ever lost a phone or had one stolen then you will definitely want this app.

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