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Over 15 billion apps served and Apple has become the leading provider of apps in the world.  The funny thing about it is that the apps that move the most are the free ones.  Developers aren’t sure which way to profit from their work, should they sell their apps at a fixed price or offer it free and collect ad revenue?  From Apple’s figures for app sales, it would seem that the free app method is the most successful, but there’s one problem with it, those ads can be super annoying, especially if they are over-saturated and interfere with the actual usefulness of the app.

iPhone Free Apps

When it comes down to it, there is a huge dilemma; people hate paying for software and people don’t like to be bombarded with advertising.  The one solution that a lot of developers have come up with is the free to play, then pay to upgrade method.  Some go about it the wrong way though.  The wrong way is when the developer releases a skeleton version of the actual app that is missing the functionality that makes the app worthwhile.  This tends to only end up getting the app deleted.  The smart way is to have a feature rich app and sell the full version that contains additional content.

iPad Free Apps

Studies are showing that app buyers are more willing to pay for a great app that is offered free, has full functionality but offers extended features and the additional content.  It has a nice ring to it and people are apparently more willing to fork over dollars when they are getting something of value.  The App Store is seeing more free apps everyday, like the ebay app for the ipad and others, but over the next two years, this additional content method will start to generate massive amounts of revenue for both the developers and for Apple.

Let us know what makes you willing to pay for apps.  Does the app have to have something special, great features?    Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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