Remember the classic Solitaire game you used to play in Windows? That game is now an app for the iPad. Solitaire app for the iPad is the port of the classic Solitaire game that comes free with every Windows program. The classic game of getting all cards stacked into 4 is now fused with touch screen controls to give you a more intuitive experience that will have even veteran players playing it all over again.

Solitaire features new touch screen controls that let you place cards with ease. It still features the same graphic style but now refined to accommodate the HD rendition of iPad. It features the mind boggling gameplay of getting through the game of stacking everything and winning. The newest feature of this app is the inclusion of multiplayer where you can play Solitaire with other people to make it a social game. You can either play it solo or with others, whichever way is fine with you. This makes it more interesting and fun for everybody. It now includes design options to make it personalized.

Solitaire is very easy to use with its refined controls and simple interface. Switching back and forth between cards with the controls really makes it easier to play and the interface makes it easier to navigate through. I rate the app 3 out of 5 because while the gameplay and interface is excellent, what I don’t like about it are the ads. The recent updates add ads to it and it hampers the great experience of playing Solitaire. If ads were not in it, the app would be rated higher.

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Solitaire, 3.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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