Organize all the news that REALLY matter to you. No, not the news Fox or CNN forces you to read. It’s YOU who organizes what kind of news you want to read. Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine is an app designed to let you mark on what really matters to you. Do you want to know the updates on your favorite bands? Are you interested in following the movie industry? Are you friend’s journey to outer space going through? It’s the news that you can personalize.

Flipboard features over 500 sources of news that have all the interests you want. If it’s music, you can check out news from Rolling Stone. If it’s global, why not go for National Geographic? It features Readability and Instapaper to let you save articles that you can read offline later. It also features a layout design that organizes the news that you feel matters to you in one page. It integrates Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social sites to let you make comments on the news that matter. It also features music integration so you can enjoy soothing music as you read about your news.

Flipboard is very easy to use. It guides you to make the categories and when you’re finally done, you can see the news flow. The best part about is you don’t have to do much once you’ve organized the categories. You can check back and forth on Flipboard to see any updates. Because of the ease of use and intuitive design, I rate the app 5 out of 5. 

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