Find a Starbucks – Free Android App

Find a Starbucks  – Free Android App

With Starbucks Coffee prices the way they are, it’s nice that they have an app that is completely free.  This app uses basic location matching with Google Maps and returns a map of your current local area, but even better, it will be littered with little Starbucks cups!  Each Starbucks cup represents a real live Starbucks in your area.  Don’t be surprised to find a giant cluster of Starbucks locations  very close to you.

We thought Starbuck made it easy for us to get coffee or tea no matter where we were at almost any time of the day, but the app actually makes it that much easier.  The app will also give you the store hours and phone number to the location if it is available.

Not the best app ever made, fairly simple, but if you are a caffeine-fiend then you will definitely want to grab this from the Android Market.  Some of the locations have even made their equipment and food selections available to let you know what they have ahead of time.  It’s either that or they have bragging rights over other Starbucks that have older equipment.  Not entirely certain.  Anyway, check this one out for free.

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