Angry Birds Seasons HD Free

The Angry Birds are back again and this time, they’re smashing down the pigs… through the seasons! The Angry Birds Seasons HD is an HD version of the Angry Birds as they gallop through the seasons while still doing what they do best: taking down pigs and getting their eggs back! Sweep through Halloween, rejoice in St. Patricks and pretty much go through the seasons with Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Seasons HD features the same gameplay from the previous versions of Angry Birds. It’s practically the same game at its core but the new feature in this game is the Seasons. The levels you’ll be going through have a theme depending on the season. If it’s Halloween, you’ll see the birds and pigs dress up according to season. If it’s Christmas, you’ll see the same thing happen. So all in all, Angry Birds Seasons HD features all-new levels and themes that go into accord with the season.

Angry Birds Seasons HD, like all other Angry Birds, is easy to pick up and play. All you really need to is fling the bird to the right spot to hit the pigs and you got them. With a few complex calculations here and there, you won’t have a problem taking out all the pigs. I rate the app 4 out of 5 because the gameplay is just the same. The gameplay is great, yes, but it is getting kind of boring and there’s really no innovation with this one. But the game is still great and anyone who’s fan will be delighted to go through the seasons.

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