Must Have iPhone Apps

Ten Cool iPhone Applications That You Can’t Miss!

Around the world, more and more people are buying Apple iPhone. The rising popularity of the revolutionary mobile phone is accompanied by that of iPhone applications. With over 300,000 applications already developed for iPhone, you can’t help but get confused about the best ones to download on your phone.

Listed below are ten cool iPhone apps that you just can’t afford to miss.

1. iNotes – Professionals using the IBM Lotus Domino in their workplace must have this iPhone application. It allows you to view your email server, contact lists, calendar, to-do lists, schedule and notebooks from any computer at any location. If you’re always on the move, this is the mobile app for you.

2. iOnce – A new iPhone application, this allows you to access your personal accounts like online banking, utilities, shopping, email account, and social networking accounts from your phone. Managing your upcoming events, bids and posting gets much simpler with iOnce. Its self-destruction feature is really cool as it deletes all personal account information if your phone gets stolen or lost.

3. SmartDating  – simply the best iPhone GPS dating app ever made. This is a must have if your single.

4. ZenBe Lists – This cool iPhone application lets you itemize your day to day tasks. Featuring a green interface and easy-to-use functions, the app can be downloaded for free. As compared to other to-do-list applications, ZenBe is really efficient and helpful for everyday planning.

5. Twinkle – A Twitter application, Twinkle knows your location and adds the same to all your tweets on Twitter. So, just tap your iPhone and your short updates on Twitter will send your location to friends and family within no time.

6. Facebook – The extremely popular social networking site can now be accessed through your iPhone. It gives you one touch access to your Facebook profile, friend list and inbox. The best part about the Facebook app is that its absolutely free and doesn’t require you to login every time.

7. Shazam – All music lovers will be delighted to know about this free application. If you have heard a song that you loved instantly but don’t know its name or the artist, don’t worry. Just hold out your iPhone while the music is playing and tap the “Tag Now” button. In a few minutes, Shazam will return the artist’s name, record cover and the song’s name on your iPhone home screen.

8. Pandora – There are times when you want music playing but don’t want to be the one changing songs. Pandora can be a life saver at such times. All you have to do is type a band’s name and the cool application creates a custom “radio station” around that band. Let Pandora be the DJ at all your parties.

9. Bloomberg – A finance application, this allows you to stay updated on the markets across the globe, read news, stock quotes, company details, price charts, market analysis and much more financial information. This cool iPhone application is also available for free.

10. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) – Just like it works online, AIM is a great application that is easy to use and great way to communicate. For people who want to stay connected all the time, this can be a useful application while on the move.

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