Must Have Free Facebook Apps

Top 10 Facebook Apps Your Friends are Using

CityVille This is a social-gaming app in which you construct a city and become the mayor.  You oversee each aspect of the city’s development and your goal is to create a thriving metropolis.  There is a lot of micro management to this game including tax collection, construction and farming.

Facebook for iPhone The name says it all.  This gives you most of the same great features that you are used to from the browser application of Facebook, but on your iPhone.

FarmVille Another app by Zynga.  In this app members create and manage a virtual farm.  This entails all of the duties of a regular farm such as planting seeds, growing and harvesting.  Highly addictive and one of the most commented upon games.

SocialConnect A great app for connecting to others for dating.  Singles can chat with one another and are even offered a place to hang out at the virtual dating café.  One of the cool features on this one is the ability to locate ‘Social Connectors’ in your local area as well as in other countries.  There is even a feature called Guardian which allows a user to give contact information to friends and family while on a date so that they can make sure you are safe.  This is a great feature that many other dating apps have completely ignored.

Discussion Boards Discussion Boards is a app that encourages people to share their ideas.  It is a good resource for consumer feedback on products and services.

Facebook for BlackBerry The name says it all.  This gives you most of the same great features that you are used to from the browser application of Facebook, but on your BlackBerry.

Texas HoldEm Poker A good game of Texas Holdem Poker can let hours pass without you ever knowing.  The same is true with another highly addictive game from Zynga.  This offers the same great action as a real game, offers a wide skill range of players and a strong community.

Phrases Super popular app for Facebook that has been banned in the US.  UK users can still access the application.

Bing This application has combined the social networking of Facebook with the powerful search engine of Bing.  It allows you to share music, movies and other things that you like and even creates a list of what your friends “liked” which can give you better and more personalized search results.

Causes This app is a forum to explore causes from nonprofits, companies and foundations.  It assist people that have an idea for making the world a better place by getting their cause more exposure through social networking.  It is also used by several political movements to rally support and arrange protests, recruit and give locations for meetings.  This is a great app for anyone with a social conscience and wants to make a difference in the world by bringing their cause to the attention of millions. “Anyone can change the world.”

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