Must Have Android Apps

Top 10 Android Apps You Must Have

Android users can rejoice, because they are starting to get a lot more Apps and they are becoming a lot easier to search.  App developers are starting to take notice of the Android, and while some exclusive apps for the Android are available, most are being developed for the iPhone and the Android simultaneously.  Currently, these are the top 10 Apps that are out there for the Android.

1. Google Shopper This App is full of awesome.  It allows you to find the best prices available on products you are buying right now.  You can use the app to discover better prices either in physical proximity or on the web just by scanning a bar code.  If Google Shopper can not scan the code, you can simply speak the name of the product and it will locate it that way.  Very handy for those that are interested in saving money.

2. RemoteDroid This one is a little more user specific, as in, if you must have a track pad, then this app will do it for you.  In other words, the entire function of the app is to turn your phone into a track pad that can function with yourlaptop or desktop.  It can be useful but it makes one wonder why track pads just can’t be more mobile in the first place.

3. TatTap This app plays to the rock star in everyone or anyone that just appreciates the finer intricacies of Tattoo Art.  TatTap brings all the fun things about getting a tattoo into one app.  You can select a tattoo, get it rated by the world and your friends, check out how it will look on you and even locate a tattoo artist or parlor in the area to have the tattoo inked.  This is a permanent addition to a lot of phones of big names in the music industry as one of the features is a rating system for celebrity tattoos

4. UrbanSpoon If hunting and foraging is getting you down, you can use this app to locate somewhere to eat.  The App includes reviews of restaurants, directions and contact information.

5. EverNote Great little app for note taking that transfers nicely syncs nicely with your browser or desktop.  Allows for photo and voice memos too.  There’s an expanded edition that ups storage space for a fee.

6- SoundHound This App is actually very popular and fun to show off, but steadily dropping down the chart.  This is the app that identifies music for you.  You can sing to it, put it up to the radio or television and it will locate the name, lyrics and any other media related to the song on the internet.

7. Slacker Pretty much Pandora, but cooler.  This App has a bigger selection of music and you can download the music to your phone.  So yes, much better than Pandora.

8. WeatherChannel The App that brings you improved weather forecasts.  A ‘no-brainer’ download for those that are influenced in anyway by the weather.

9. FlightTrack Very clever app for the airplane traveler.  Gets you gate information, flight delays and might help you get to your flight on time or even do a barrel roll.

10. Glympse This is actually a great app if you are at a concert and can’t find your friends.  It allows your friend to track you for a small amount of time.  Plenty of uses for those that get lost easily.

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